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E-Commerce Solutions:

Dotcommerce is the established leader in online card not present (CNP) transaction processing with rates starting at 1.75%.  Merchants get a fully integrated merchant account along with our   Dotassure™ Secure Gateway with Virtual Terminal which allows requests for authorizations, returns, reversals, voids, check payments, etc.  The Dotassure™ Secure Gateway can be fully customized with additional functionality as per request.  It is a PCI Compliant data center with full system backup and built in redundancy for high availability. Simple “out of the box” installation with minimal configuration updates with “plug and play” type deployment.

The basic transactional features are:

  • Funds Pre-authorizations (authorization) - this is a request for funds to be reserved against a cardholders account for any purchases. A successful reply will reserve the cardholder funds pending receipt of a corresponding funds fulfillment. If no fulfillment is received within a designated timeframe, the funds will be released back to the cardholders account.
  • Funds fulfillment (capture) – capture is used to notify the issuer that the goods and/or services have been shipped or the services provided for a previous funds reservation
  • Purchase (authorization and capture) - this is a request against an account for goods and services that will be provided immediately. A successful response will result in the movement of funds
  • Refund - this is a request for a refund against an account
  • Reversal - this is a reversal of a previous funds reservation or funds purchase transaction. The partial reversal of a previous transaction is supported
  • Recurring Billing – a feature to re-bill cardholder automatically

Dotassure™ Innovative Technology

The Dotassure™ System is the backbone of our gateway technology. A payment gateway authorizes transactions, securely encrypts them, and submits them for processing. Since its inception (version 1.0) we have had 6 upgrades to our current version 4.0a.  Our technology is the most sophisticated network socket, server to server interface in Eastern Europe.  Its security rivals that of sophisticated Daemon based systems widely used in America and Western Europe by Authorize net, Verisign and Cybersource.  The Dotassure™ system uses Advanced Geo-Targeting and secure 256 bit SSL encryption.  The encryption keys used in our system are dynamically generated, public for encryption and private for decryption. We currently use 2 encryption protocols, RSA and HMAC; most payment processors provide only one encryption protocol.  We are PCIDSS compliant with MC/Visa high security regulation.  In addition to the encryption protocols used, the Dotassure™ gateway incorporates 3D Secure technology, an additional protocol mandated to all Issuing/Acquiring/Processors by Visa and MasterCard International in the region. Through our corporate partnerships, we maintain full SANS / FBI Compliance and continuously update our policies and procedures based on full SANS / FBI Compliance regulations. All systems benefit from our partnership with Geotrust owned root certificates and ubiquitous SSL server certificates for secure browser-server interactions in real time.

Verified by Visa™ and MasterCard Secure Code is a new service providing additional security for online internet shopping. The intention is to increase consumer confidence in the online market place as well as helping to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. This service is available and required for some merchants depending on their country location. A simple to use system that essentially confirms a registered cardholder’s identity when they make a purchase via the merchant website.   The key benefit for using the VBV/MCSC service is that merchants are protected 100% from charge-backs due to fraudulent transactions.  Optional configurations also enable auxiliary data capture as well as Address Verification (AVS).  3D Secure and all internet payment solutions are fully PCI-DSS accredited.

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