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Acquiring Bank Services

DotCommerce provides a wide range of consultancy services to banks looking to implement a payment acquiring platform. We help banks examine the process and costs associated with acquiring payment solutions for face to face and electronic commerce transactions.  Our end-to-end solution for banks looking to develop an e-commerce component to their processing platforms provides a fully integrated reporting system certified as ISO 8583 compliant.

Reporting requirements follow card association rules and are not limited to:
  • Exchange authorizations
  • Clearing
  • Charge-backs
  • Reconciliation files
  • Settlements

We will construct a program recommending specific acquiring platform features and characteristics for POS interface, network interface, project costs and timeline estimates, PCIDSS compliancy, quality assurance testing with Visa and Mastercard, etc.

A flexible reporting capability is supplied as standard through our bank reporting interface. Dotcommerce provides a flexible settlement solution that manages the entire merchant transaction processing cycle, from transaction settlement and payment through to billing and statement generation.  Full balancing and settlement reports, available posting extracts and other end-of-day business processing options are included.

ISO programs
Dotcommerce offers ISO services to banks and Financial institutions upon request.

We provide a variety of merchant processing functions on behalf of the acquirer. These functions may include soliciting new merchants accounts, arranging for terminal purchases or leases, and providing backroom services. An ISO may also be referred to as a member service provider (MSP). The acquirer must register all ISO’s/MSP’s with the bankcard associations.

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